Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It is time to stop the madness.

I am not going to keep following these dirty double crossing people running our country's Government anymore.

Thanks to our brilliant Ivy League graduate President Barack Obama Russia has gain a real influence in the Middle East by becoming partners in crime with Iran, Syria, and Turkey. So for the life of me I fail to see the intellectual wisdom of President Barack Obama like the country's media says he has.
And the social corruption mess of this country three branches of Government DC Country Club who keeps up their extraction of the American people wealth until one day that calamity will hurts every man, woman, and child living today in America for centuries to come.

A total economic collapse of what was once a thriving country where free commerce and opportunity for everyone willing to work hard could also become wealthy themselves.

No! But because of fools and criminals like Barack Obama and this country's liberal media, that country for and by the people, is about to reach the end of the cliff where everyone stampedes’ to their death. And that fate keeps getting closer and closer for you and me the longer that we go along with them, the brilliant Ivy League graduate living a life of Government crime until we all die sometime soon.

Billionaire George Soros has contributed a lot of money to Black Lives Matters ladies and gentlemen. And now we know...
A top executive at Breitbart News will be his new campaign manager.|By Christina Wilkie Sumner

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