Friday, August 5, 2016

Les Miles says he likes his football team.

Thomas Williams

So everyone has heard how other people criticize their favorite college football team last year, by saying. “They are running the same play over and over again, just like LSU.”

Well you can carry Les Miles around LSU Tiger Stadium like an LSU mascot all you like. And I did see how a lot of the LSU football fans are not all that bothered about losing to Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss, like those loses affected me. So if I see the same Les Miles college football plays failing again in 2016, I’m going fishing instead. Because just watching LSU play football for the Show sake is really not for me.
How good can LSU be says Les Miles to ESPN.
LSU coach Les Miles joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to share his thoughts on getting ready for the season, his praise for RB Leonard Fournette and how the Tigers are representing Baton Rouge in a positive light.

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