Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our Country's dishonest media.

amela Jones shared Trump Pence 2016's photo to the group: Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump.
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Reporters are very, very dishonest. Look how they treat Crooked Hillary.
Mike McGuire

Back in 2008 when Hillary was trailing Obama for the nomination, she was asked if it worried her. She answered, no, because sometimes things happen - Like "Assassinations" (Her words not mine). Oh, and enjoy. I'm sure your liberal friends will be as outragged as mine (Not)
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Diana Serafin
Diana Serafin: No he did not mean assisination, he meant lawsuits and votes.
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Patty Martin
Patty Martin: Trump did not even mention the word assassination. That was a twist by the left morons.
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Tinker Town Tiger: Stop putting words in Donald Trump mouth.

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