Saturday, August 27, 2016

Racist people will not vote for you Mr. Trump.

What do African-Americans and Hispanics have to lose by going with me. Look at the poverty, crime and educational statistics. I will fix it!
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Racist people will not vote for you Mr. Trump...So forget about it...They rather keep worrying about the color of their skin then making more money for heaven sake. No wonder these people stay poor. I'm voting for you so start building this great country back into a place for wealth and prosperity.
Albe Goris
Albe Goris: I'm a Democrat but after 49 years we all as Americans should be doing better, America first, I'm Hispanic and I'm voting for Trump...
Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas: I'm Hispanic (Puerto Rican) and most importantly, American! Trump has my vote!

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