Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Russia fires cruise missiles at targets from warships in the Mediterranean Sea days after beginning bombing runs from a base in Iran."

Thomas Williams

So the New York Times is reporting that. "The Russian cruise missiles are not a game-changer in the war. But the long-range bombers flying from Iran, and the heavier payloads they can carry, pose a new threat to insurgents and civilians."

Every day that Barack Obama is the President of the United States the self-serving political aggression of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea is unimpeded because of the fear of War with those countries that keep shaping the foreign policy of the United States.

So the military aggression of Bashar al-Assad, Valerie Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un, and also Turkey President Erdogan. Has no fear of the UN or America stopping them as best as they can tell.

Yes! I also think that these strong men are right because the rest of the world population has clearly seen the total cruelty and terror of slaughtering over 300 000 thousand Syrians, and the genocide of the Middle East Christians in the hands of the Islamic Muslim terrorist.

Middle Eastern cruelty and horror has been in the everyday lifestyle of the people living there because President Barack Obama failed to enforce the failsafe line that he told Syria President Bashar al-Assad not to cross.

Since that show of obvious weakness by Obama the Middle East exploded into this repulsive grab for power by those ugly aggressors because they were unopposed by Barack Obama ever since.

The harm of Barack Obama brand of politics in using the Show for only the Show appearance sake has turning my stomach in the knowledge that Barack Obama is a man who is simply no good.
Warships in the Mediterranean Sea fired cruise missiles days after Russia began bombing runs from a base in Iran.

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