Wednesday, August 31, 2016

You are going to live like that anyway, right?

Thomas Williams

So a lot of the American people are going to vote for Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton, and the Washington DC like minded Country Club members who are going to keep living the life of a corrupted racketeer, pretending to be a honest law-abiding American citizen, right.

Even if everyone else knows that Hillary Clinton is lying about how she will keep running the American people US Government, and have no social integrity at all. So is that right Mr. and Mrs. American voters, because that is what the polls are saying up until now.

This is very hard for me to believe that millions of our countrymen are really going to vote for Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States, knowing about all of her US Government corruption.

If so how are they going to explain to their children that their skin color was the justification that  forced them to cast their vote for a crook, like Hillary Clinton.

No! Don't do it. Even if the shouts of weakness from the maddening crowd life style is how your friends are living now. Because the truth will not shame you after this election is over, no the truth will simply be there for everyone else to see also.

That a lot of people betrayed their children and country not for their race sake. But rather chose to keep living in the weakness of the Washington DC circles of political crimes, that was already a part of their life style from a long time ago.

And never had the character themselves to do what was right as the other people around them kept the faith with the people who worked hard toiling in the struggle trying to live and died responsibly on the same holler ground that their brave love ones who named that ground America did.

Yes I am unset over the weakness I see in how the United States Government has been running. By the people living in weakness to gain power. Doing bad things to their own countrymen in the guise of social morality, that is in fact immoral.  Falsely accusing their own countrymen for their own political popularity, that allowed them to join the same Washington DC Country Club membership.

That some people would chose with their own free will to voted for Hillary Clinton in spite of the truth about her US Government corruption will indeed be their shame alone, and that the truth of the matter had nothing to do with it.

That the people voting for Hillary Clinton is sharing in the same social weakness that we the American people see now through the makeup of glamor trying to hide the facts, and are willing to becoming simply no good themselves.

If that is the way some of the Hillary Clinton voters feel there is nothing that I can do about that, and I am voting for Donald Trump instead.

New International Version:
"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."


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Norvell Rose August 26, 2016 at 1:10pm

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