Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The globalist look like the attack of the Zombies to me.

Katie Line to Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump

“We deliberately avoided the term ‘global governance,’
Scott Glover
Scott Glover: Soros owns the whole DNC!!! He donated 5 billion dollars to get that pos muslim in the whitehouse!!!
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JC Adia
JC Adia: I can't wait for him to die.
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Jim Dwyer
Jim Dwyer: Duh. BUT this is all becoming as obvious as the earth beneath or feet: THIS ELECTION IS GOOD VS EVIL. Choose wisely.
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: The overkill of Donald Trump by the propagandist working for this country's media is starting to wear thin on the American people. Who keep hearing and seeing the media words of Bigot, Racist, Misogynist, and too dangerous to trust over and over again.
Because hearing the media Johnny one note is beginning to clear away all of the media propagandist hiding the real truth. And of course the truth of the matter has always been there all along.

So I love the truth because the truth never fails me, and all of the American propaganda vanishes into the political weather conditions that lose popularity with normal people, over time. And covering over the truth just makes a louse like Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton look dirtier to me.

So I'm voting against Hillary Clinton because I do not want my countrymen getting attack by all of those Zomie globalist running our country's three branches of Government again, and again.

Hillary Clinton is so screwed up that she never sees anything straight, much less you and me. That is why she is so politically programmed by other people's words in public....So how in the world could the other American people vote for her in good conscience?
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Katie Line
Katie Line: Your guess is as good as mine!

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