Friday, August 26, 2016

"The Republican establishment turns out to be an even sorrier bunch than we ever thought possible."

odd Bastiat Brophy shared Fox Business's video to the group: Cowboy Logic Restoring America Forum.

Lou Dobbs: "The Republican establishment turns out to be an even sorrier bunch than we ever thought possible. A sorry bunch, so jealous of [Donald J. Trump], that they are willing to risk turning our country over to the most corrupt figure in modern presidential politics."

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Gary Cheatham
Gary Cheatham: As I predicted several months ago, the republicans are so possessive of power that they would be willing to lose the election to a radical leftist.
Carol Calamia
Carol Calamia: In which case we won't see her until the middle of next year.
Jeannie Dorman
Jeannie Dorman I agree with you Lou Dobbs and if we lose the election it will be the republican elites that can take the blame / sad country we live in when our own representatives that we put in office turns on us just because of their wanting the 'power'. Sad.
Susan Carrier
Susan Carrier Republican and Democrats are both corrupt, that's the only reason I can think of , for the silence of the Republican politicians ! We the people may well need an armed insurrection to rid our government of this deeply imbedded corruption. !!
Randy Lisa Adair
Randy Lisa Adair #PASSITON... What I'm about to pass on to you is only the facts - historical facts, not rumors, not hearsay just plan undeniable facts.
(This is just a small percentage of a much longer list )
Of the two candidates running for president......See More
Larry Estes
Larry Estes It doesn't matter anymore I am not Republican or Democrat I am for Trump!!!!
Melody Daniel Gold
Melody Daniel Gold The Republican elites never, I repeat, never want to win the White House, because history has proven that the election following the presidential election always goes to the opposite party! So that would mean the "Republican establishment"...aka Sena...See More
Brian J Hamilton
Brian J Hamilton Republican elite are definitely jealous of Trump..... We need to vote those Republican elected by us OUT OF OFFICE for not backing Trump....
Floyd Kelly
Floyd Kelly These republicans who oppose Trump are just as worried as the Clinton's and just as corrupt. They know Trump is going after them when he is president, this is why they are so desparate. It is just as simple as that.
Sue Adair
Sue Adair I wish all the Republicans who won't support Trump will have to bow at the feet of Hillary and taste the bitterness of their stupidity and stubborness.
Nita Cruise
Nita Cruise If Donald Trump does not get it this time. The Democrats will have enough time to get illegals and refugees into America to vote Democrat and we will never see the Republican party again
David Mercier
David Mercier This has nothing to do with Donald J. Trump The Republican's are a bunch of cowards afraid to take on Democrats. That's why you don't hear them attacking Clinton on her scandals
Teresa Crowder
Teresa Crowder Mr Dobbs, if we all survive until November we have the momentum to vote out the old established Republicans that refuse to support Trump and elect a new generation of Republicans. I would suggest Democrats do the same. It is time to clean house.
Lily Wajda
Lily Wajda That's why we're voting for Trump. We are sick of the right. The lefty communists are worse. Thank you, Mr. Dobs. I can feel your disgust & I know that you love this country.
Virginia Dios
Virginia Dios I agree with you Mr,. Dobbs, but wtf is going on with the rest of your network? I only tune in with you, Greta & Hannity, I am sorry to say that Fox is FAUX and is in it to win it with the Elites! So sad that greed has totally taken over our country.

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