Saturday, August 13, 2016

Think before you vote!

Think before you vote! You can't spend yourself into prosperity! Trump has created more jobs than Hillary will, because as a businessman, he knows how
To do this.
All of you on the fence about voting for Trump or you ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ aka ‪#‎4EverBitter‬ people take a look at Hillary's economic plan. That alone you scare you to death if she gets in office. Any working person will see their taxes go up a lot.

Hillary's economic plan is unrealistic and panders to the Left.
Thomas Williams: How could we really like people who abuse, deceive, and keeps using you by telling you whatever lies that suits their own self-serving interest?

Why should you put up with people who spend your countrymen taxes on their own self enriching purposes?

So my question is why does so many American people still like the Hollywood, TV Networks media selling that very ugly social way of life by the people running this US Government?

Why in the world would the American people put their passion to win aside for the likes of people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and this media acting very badly towards you and me like that?

So Donald Trump is not worse than Hillary Clinton at all to me, Mr. and Mrs. Media.

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