Monday, August 15, 2016

Until finally is was to late.


Hillary Clinton supporters AGREE with Trump quotes without even realizing it!
15 Reasons Hillary must be defeated HERE->

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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: "What difference does it make now?"

Are the American people really morons over voting for the same people who keep ripping them off? And by the total mess that this United States economy is in that question seem to answer itself.

Yes! They are crazy to keep voting for the men and woman doing all of that ugly behavior working for the US Government these days. And how they only keep taking away from this country's United States Federal Reserve Banks Treasury.

So of course extracting One Hundred Trillion dollars from America by those rotten people over the years have made it too late for tears for just about everyone living here now.

And I guess what Hillary Clinton said "What difference does it make now?" becomes the fate of the American people who kept voting for the same dirty double crossing people over, and over again.

Until finally it was to late.

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