Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another Les Miles mad finish.

Thomas Williams

The Auburn football game turned into another Les Miles mad finish.

Once again Les Miles kept wasted time that LSU could never get back giving the LSU football team a chance to pull out the victory anyway.

Alas, we got the candy only to give it back because we did not have enough time on the last play.

Why not run out of bounds, or why not clock the ball, or why dear God is Les Miles still coaching LSU.
WATCH: How refs got it right by waving off LSU's game-winning touchdown vs. Auburn

Les Miles looking at the game clock

Auburn beat LSU 18-13, but the final seconds were seemingly one mess after another

by Ben Kercheval
31m ago • 1 min read

Auburn just beat LSU in the most absurd 18-13 game you'll see this year ... or maybe in your lifetime. Then again, we are talking about a game with Les Miles and Gus Malzahn on the sidelines.

Auburn was given the win after officials took a last-second touchdown by LSU off the board.

That may sound crazy on its own, but the 24 seconds leading up to that moment were equally ridiculous.

Here's how it all unfolded.

* Facing a third-and-16 at the Auburn 20-yard line, LSU's quarterback Danny Etling completed a pass to Malachi Dupre down to the Auburn 10 ... but Dupre was tackled in bounds so the clock kept running.

* On fourth down, LSU was penalized with an illegal shift because one receiver was still in motion when the ball was snapped. One second remained on the clock.

* Some might think such a penalty at that time would result in a 10-second runoff, but LSU was given another fourth down opportunity with no such penalty enforced. The NCAA rulebook, pictured below, explains there was no runoff because it was not a dead ball infraction. Fox Sports' Mike Pereira corroborated as much after the game.


Auburn beat LSU 18-13, but the final seconds were seemingly one mess after another...

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