Monday, September 12, 2016

Donald Trump is still bravely fighting the Washington DC political corruption system up the hill.

Thomas Williams

I now feel like the democratic party is more corrupted than the Republican party. Because it looks like that the Democratic party has a puppet Presidential candidate that they are medicating to walk and say what they want no matter what kind of health Hillary Clinton is in.

Whereas the Republican party is less corrupted because of their Presidential candidate who they don't like, or want. Donald Trump forced himself on them with the help of the American people. In spite of the total corruption in the Washington DC establishment failsafe system to keep in power using absolute power against you and me.

Hillary Clinton has turned into a pitiful sight of this total corrupted Washington DC apparatus that Donald Trump is now trying to overcome. That keeps getting even more amazing to me than before.

A new angle of Hillary Clinton collapsing, plus something falls out of her pant leg?


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