Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton has nothing at all in common with you and me, so why vote for her?

Hillary Clinton
Thomas Williams

The media is obviously in bed with the liberal-minded Democrats running the American people three branches of Government. No one like Donald Trump will be welcome into the Washington DC Country Club membership anytime soon.

The two Political Party system running the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court, are totally run my people who don't believe what you and I do.

No, they are living a life of absolute power and socializing with the like-minded people doing the same

You are only brought into this Washington Country Club election illusion for every electing co the Washington DC Country Club Members can keep using your vote to vote them into the place they love the most.

Why on earth the minority people living in this country's inner cities think that Hillary Clinton has anything in common with them is truly beyond me.

At least, Donald Trump has a real business that needs to keep hiring people that help to make a living for our countrymen who need a job.

Donald Trump has much more in common with you and me than a woman like Hillary Clinton that is simply no good.

Voters Don’t Trust Media Fact-Checking

[Rasmussen Reports analysts Amy Holmes  and Fran Coombs are available for interested media. Please call 732-776-9777 ext. 205 for interviews.]
Voters remain skeptical about the political news they are getting. Voters also continue to strongly believe that the media is more interested in controversy than in the issues when it comes to the presidential race.


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