Sunday, September 4, 2016

Opportunity after opportunity lost.

Thomas Williams

Hey! I know what. Let's carry Coach Les Miles off the field in the next LSU Football Game showing him our support, and loyalty.

Opportunity after opportunity lost on the same plays run by the same players managed by the same coach that does not make first downs, and because of that frustrating fact LSU keeps losing these very important college football games.

Should we carry our team mascot (Les Miles) off the field in Tiger Stadium again if by chance anyone does go to the next LSU Football Game, that is...A hero's welcome for our wonderful head coach, who can't coach...LSU would have been blown out of Lambeau Stadium if Wisconsin had been a better ball club.

This fact seems to even make my depression feel that much deeper.

Get a recap of the LSU Tigers vs. Wisconsin Badgers football game.

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