Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Easy Rider Les Miles Runs out of Time Again.

Thomas Williams

Les Miles runs the LSU offense out of time again costing LSU football team the victory, and LSU keeps playing this man $4 million dollars a year.

This LSU football season is already a bummer because it is already a waste of time for most LSU football fans who like playing for all the marbles, and is not only looking at them play football just for the Show sake.

I don't see Les Miles coaching the LSU football team with a sense of urgency to save time, or making the next play count. So I think that Les Miles really doesn't care all that much about the victory he professes to cheer for. No Les Miles coaches the LSU Football Team like a guy who has his without much sense of time and efficiency at all and will keep coaching that way just as long as he keeps cashing that big money LSU check.

So I will not expect much more of anything else from this LSU college football team, and coaching staff the rest of 2016.


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