Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The nation saw it.

Catherine Summers to Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump
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LOL,, she choked.. She will for sure, go down hard in the debates..
Focusing on military issues.|By Christine Rousselle
Sally Chaney
Sally Chaney matt lauer is a partisan hack ass. the nbc twitter is filled with hate for Trump. nbc sucks. .. That said... Only question for Clinton should have been How Many Military & Support Troops have YOU Killed?
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Carol Osman Williams
Carol Osman Williams Vote Trump !!!
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams This was another media dog and TV pony Show that was designed to help Hillary Clinton look good, to you and me. Donald Trump walked into this TV setup, and smoked Hillary Clinton. The nation saw it. Nothing more in how the media will stay true to their TV script to help Hillary Clinton now will change that impression by Donald Trump to the TV camera. Because the Camera doesn't lie thank God.
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Dan Needham
Dan Needham Choking is what she does!
Steve Irvine
Nancy Cherluck
Nancy Cherluck MATT YOUR FIRED! Drilled Trump and babbied Hillary. NOt FIT FOR THIS JOB.
Rodney Majors
Rodney Majors They've got all the cards stacked in their favor a Liberal site a liberal candidate and a liberal moderator. And they still lose
Phil Tuttobene
Phil Tuttobene Cheatimg is what she does. Caught wearing an earpiece!!!
David Sager
David Sager Very proud of mr. Trump again look presidential hand great answers made Hillary look bad
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