Sunday, September 25, 2016

What is wrong with the people running LSU?

Thomas Williams

LSU football team looked incredulous lining up for the last play trying to win the Auburn football game, why was that?

You really need to do your job better LSU.

LSU offense has been dysfunctional for years so why has the LSU board of supervisors, and AD let this LSU college football problem get to this critical stage.

Now the LSU football program will need to fire Les Mile before the season is over, elevating an interim coach from the present coaching staff. Hird the New Head Coach and coaching staff, And protect recruiting.

All because the people running LSU keep sitting on their hands with their heads berried in their own self-serving interest. Instead of really doing their jobs that is entrusted to them.

When this 2016 College football season started this year the college football fans knew about the present condition of the top college football teams coaching stability and success. Like we see and read about in this earlier column by SB Nation College News Jan 30, 2016.
The magic is running out for Les Miles after the LSU Tigers found a new and creative way to lose a game. They're not the only ones whose season…

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