Friday, September 23, 2016

You can't read Hillary Clinton Secretary of Defense e-mail until after the November 8th Presidential election 2016. By order of a US Government Federal Judge

Thomas Williams

Please, Boys and Girls, don't do what your parent have done electing the most corrupted people in America to run the United States Government.

Don't talk to the media whatever you do for the rest of your life. Because they are so corrupt that if they touch you-you will get sick.

Find the one you love and work at your job very honestly, and don't you get mixed up with this US Government Criminal Justice system.

Don't trust the FBI ever.

If a politician walks towards you asking you for your voting consideration, walk to the other side of the street and keep walking.

So please only pray to God for friendship to share with the people you love and trust. Stay far away from how this country's US Government is being run now.

Good luck and go with God


Election 2016

Most of Clinton’s Recovered Emails Will Be Released After Election Day

Group seeking Clinton emails calls process ‘absolutely corrupt’


Top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills latest to get immunity in FBI email probe

SUBPOENA IGNORED: House panel recommends contempt for Clinton IT aide
OPINION: Clinton’s ‘Two Ferns,’ shouting videos show new side of candidate
'SERIOUS EFFORT': Top Dems conclude Russia behind cyberattacks
VIDEO: Eric Trump on Clinton email scandal: 'It's so disturbing'

Most of Hillary Clinton’s emails recovered during a FBI probe into practices from her time as secretary of state won’t be made public until after Election Day.

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