Sunday, October 30, 2016

These Huma Abedin life insurance emails against the State Department, Hillary Clinton, and the media who doesn't like covering Hillary Clinton's bad Government behavior, why is that?

Thomas Williams

Did Huma Abedin use these hidden email as life insurance again Barack Obama justice department and the Bill and Hillary Clinton enterprise so as to protect herself if the "FBI would by chance stumbled upon thousands of emails potentially pertinent to the F.B.I. inquiry into Mrs. Clinton’s private email server." And everything bad becomes exposed.

I like you have been reading about the FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton email scandal in how Hillary Clinton had a privet server handling the correspondence she did not want the American people to see. And now with all of this leaking information about Hillary Clinton server. The American people are voting for a woman under an FB investigation and poseable indictment.

Who in their right mind whether we are White, Black, Man, or Woman can hire a person under an FBI investigation?

Is this country's media out of their minds?
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Huma forwarding her email to her husband computer make sense to me if she is frightened of what might happen to her if she tells the truth.

 About all that she knows in Hillary Clinton privet server.

She probably hoarded copies to protect herself from Clinton. You know how these people are dirty.

What a bunch of sick dirty people we have leading us, Ladies and Gentleman?

I find it quite ironic how Clinton is hollering for those emails when she knows damn well Obama justice dept. isn't about to issue a warrant for their release.

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