Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Just look at how this Ivy League border immigrant scam is doing, as the media laughs:

Thomas Williams
How do you guys like the march of the illegals walking across our country's borders at will without stopping to even identify who they are, or where they are coming from are going?
So the obvious reason for this country Washington DC Country Club leaders running the American people US Government not applying the United States immigration laws to these border crossing criminals. Is obviously the politics of the liberal elitist Ivy Leagues way to offset the vote of the legal resident living in the United States. So the Washington DC giveaway welfare addiction can keep flourishing as the wheels of the DC establishment government corruption programs rolls on unimpeded. Stealing all of the wealth in this country's Federal Reserve Bank treasury, meaning yours and mines wealth and honor.
Just look at how this Ivy League border immigration Government scam is doing as the media laughs:
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