Saturday, October 1, 2016

Look at this.

Thomas Williams

The People who were born in the 1940s realized that they were the children who were being raised in the II World War and that War was nothing but wall to wall cruelty in the name of higher morality. In the cast of Germanys Adolf Hitler mind "to have a better superior race one day in the future, that would not be like the evil Jewish people." Terrible atrocities were committed in that mindless inhuman crazy War. Now once again we are also seeing the same mindless cruelty in the name of another higher morality, Islamic perverted Muslim Sharia law.
United Against ISIS
September 26 at 2:30pm ·

#US-backed Moderate #Syrian Rebels torturing Alawite man who is a conscript in the Syrian Army, until he passes out and goes into a seizure.

Clearly they're professionals at this. #FSA fanboys are trying to get this video removed.

Mustafa Samer You do realize that most of the FSA terrorists torturing this man and many other will be accepted in Europe as "Syrian refugees"

Amar AL
Amar AL God bless this hero and lets hope that the syrian Army can bring him to safety and eliminate those filthy rats...!
Harley Celise Delane
Harley Celise Delane My heart is hurting so badly!💔💔
Why be cruel to our fellow human?...See More
Abuna John Claypool
Abuna John Claypool The Syrian Army are no better than these Syrian rebels doing the torturing. We're forgetting about ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra.They're all animals. The one common denominator: Islam.
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