Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Never them.

Thomas Williams

This country's media is a lowdown bunch of dirty dogs ladies and gentleman with absolutely no shame. They also were expecting Hillary Clinton to knockout Trump but was shocked and upset themselves when Trump floored Hillary instead.

And now this media looks and is acting shamelessly pitiful.

How do you like all of these holier than thou people working in Hollywood and in the TV media that keep talking down to Donald Trump?

This country's media keeps arrogantly thinking that they are truly alway one step ahead of everyone else and that you and I are not worthy to be equal to them, not now or ever.

So whatever goes wrong with this country's society or US Government is always the American people fault.

Never them.

Thomas Williams Sep 07, 2016

It is very sad that Julian Assange of Wikileaks is more trusted  about the way the US Government is run than what Hillary Clinton says.

Donald Trump told the world that he contributed to politicians for what is called, "pay to play." Except Hillary Clinton lies about it instead, and the media is complicit over what she keeps doing.

Some of the American people remain very foolish trying to keep reading the Huffington Post for ongoing valid information when all they keep getting to read is more political propaganda of the worst kind. Lying from the liars writing it for the Huffington Post, and the rest of our country's mainstream media.
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