Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our country's politicians are nothing but a damn louse to us.

The United States Congress
Thomas Williams

These corrupted perverted American politicians just kept hurting our country and countrymen way of life because they are really no good.

This Wikileaks reports about what is in the emails telling us how the Washington DC establishment are really running our country US Government and have also created a moment in time to perhaps vote these same dirty ass-h**** out of power.

So maybe there is still a chance for us to get someone who is not a part of the Washington DC Country Club membership, Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. But don't be surprised if this election is close that the DC establishment forces out right fixed the election any way that they can to defeat Donald Trump.

Donald Trump seems to be streetwise about how these sleazy people in Washington DC now on their job work, and how fixing elections is what they do best.

How do you like the media screaming back over television to us that this country's elections system are the honest way of counting voting ballet, and above approach? I swear! God have mercy.

But this same media keeps trying to help all of these illegal aliens walking across the United States border gain equal citizenship without going through the country legal immigration process, and to also vote just like you and me anyway.

I tell you what it is this country's media who should really be ashamed of themselves for how they have been covering this election. Being so absolutely in the tank for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. So no matter what they are saying now in how they are not doing that, you and I know in fact that they are. The media has become a galvanized little club which is what they always were before but now is in all out Network broadcasting programming warfare against Donald Trump. That the media don't care about fair and impartial reporting because now we know they never did.

No! It is always about them and how this country's Media like going to the Media US Government cocktail dinner parties and also likes everything just the way it is.

How dare we upset their happy way of living voting to elect Donald Trump, who is not like them.

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