Monday, October 3, 2016

Our lives with the media in public has become very uncomfortable for all of us.

Thomas Williams

Our lives around the News Media, Social Media, Hollywood, and Smartphones these days. Have become peeping Toms who are trying to look into our personal lives any way that they can just so they can tell the world for their own self-serving reasons about you and me.

I don't like it at all so how about you?

The media is campaigning for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump out in the open, when before that was ever so subtle.

What would that be like if the media started doing that ugly social behavior to you?

Peeping Tom: Part of city life or not so legal?

Posted by Edgewater Pete

I haven't lived in Chicago too terribly long, but I recently witnessed a person, one building over, looking out the window with binoculars. At first, I thought this person was looking at me, but then I realized they were looking one floor above me, and one apartment over. Although it concerned me, I doubted that it was illegal; but simply looked-down upon. This morning (Oct 16th, 2012) I noticed the same individual peering out the window with the binoculars, but they were, how should I say, disrobed(?). They then set the binoculars down know where this headed, right?
So what do I do? The Peeping Tom didn't violate my privacy. The Peeping Tom didn't expose themselves to me (let alone realize that, ironically enough, they were being watched) and the only thing that I can honestly say is that I caught someone doing something which I find morally repellant.
Do I knock on the suspected victim's door and explain the situation? Do I try to get into the building that the Peeping Tom lives in, and leave a note on their door? Do I contact the police? My Alderman? I have no idea what the best approach is!! Any feedback and advice would be appreciated!!

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