Monday, October 17, 2016

Payback is a (****** ******) creeps.

This is so Democrats say that Trump Supports are Deplorable...but I say actions speak louder than words and people who do this are Deplorable...haters...Wake up America This is wrong and your acting like Terrorists...stop acting like the Liar Queen and look into your this destruction right? I'm sorry for what happened, try to keep the faith!
Trisha Whitley added 2 new photos — feeling pissed off with Will Ondell.
Gotta love (insert F word) Hillary supporters!! This happened because we have Trump signs in our yard, why can't people just support who they want without harmi...
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Joe Pawlyk They need to get chained in back yard
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Elizabeth Aguirre That's all they have's nothing but thug mentality!! Sorry that happened
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Elena Felix This is bs. Trump 2016!!!
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Thomas Williams Payback is a (****** ******) creeps.
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