Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pence has turned to be solid.

Viewers who were watching the vice presidential debate Tuesday night quickly noticed Tim Kaine's bizarre behavior. [caption id="attachment_5257626"…

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Beth Dann
Beth Dann To be Honest, I so disliked Kaine's behavior, that I turned to something else. I saw how Mike Pence was calm, & trying to get his points across. The Moderator lost control. MR> KAINE WOULD NOT HAVE LIKED ME. I CANNOT PUT UP WITH HIS TACTICS OF RUDENESS. A complete Turn-off for me. I will be voting early. I saw this same kind of behavior in 1992. Guess who was Running then? Yup. Bill. Same Old, Same Old. Question is .... "HOW MANY ARE GETTING FED UP WITH THEM?" Are we draining the swamp or adding to it?
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams Pence ate him up, guys??? Pence has turned to be solid. I have no issue if he ever becomes President.
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