Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pitchforks and torches protecting this country's media.

Thomas Williams

I am starting to see the spirit of pitchforks and torches protecting this country's media because of the way the media is now also selling out the healthy social interest of the American people.

The American people are truly fed up with seeing the media put on the big show for only appearance sake, and I think the breaking point is now at hand.
The Feed up American people

EXCLUSIVE: CAUGHT ON TAPE — Bill Clinton on Being an ‘Equal Opportunity F*cker’: ‘I’ve Got Good Taste’

NEW YORK — Speaking during a recorded phone conversation with his alleged mistress Gennifer Flowers in December 1991, Bill Clinton stated of rumors that he had had an affair with an unnamed woman: “She was so good looking I wished it was true.”

That conversation took place two months after he announced his bid for the presidency.
In another recorded conversation from one year earlier, Clinton reacted to a list of five women with whom he was accused of having had sexual relations by joking, “I’ve got good taste.” In the conversation, he denied that he slept with the women on the list.
Clinton was specifically reacting to Flowers recalling her response after she learned about the list of women. “You know what I said? I said, ‘At least he’s an equal op…opportunity f*cker!'” stated Flowers in the recording.
In an interview airing Sunday with Breitbart News and this reporter’s weekend talk radio program, Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, Flowers reacted to those two sections of the tapes, explaining she felt that Clinton was acting like a “jackass” and was being demeaning to women.

Listen to the audio here (WARNING – Explicit Language): 

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