Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Suppose Alabama stays 11-1, then what?

Thomas Williams

After all, would it really be an upset if these 2016 LSU tigers beat Alabama in LSU Tiger Stadium next Saturday night?

After reading about  Ed Orgeron and the LSU coaching staff perpetration: By Jim Kleinpeter, | The Times-Picayune 

I keep feeling like most of the Sports commentators who keep talking about LSU vs Alabama are doing what they always do by following the front runner until they lose. Then they follow the other winner.

Somehow that became the natural way the media keeps reporting what they cover. If you want to become popular with the media just keep winning. Because you will simply stay among the also-ran if you lose a few otherwise.

So that fact of media life leads us into this college football season when and where the undefeated start dwindling down to the few who either have a weak football schedule and can't help but win, Iif they have a good football team. Along with the other good college football team like LSU with a much harder schedule who are less likely to go undefeated.

All of who become the college football teams who of course will meet in the Final Four College Playoff NCAA Championship

Can this LSU Fighting Tigers Football Team still get to the final four with 2 defeats? Because suppose Alabama stays 11-1, then what?


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