Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The failed Republican establishment Coup against Donald Trump.

Thomas Williams

The vulgar leak about Donald Trump foul language talking about beautiful women was a coup by the staff members around Paul Ryans - Dan Senor and Cambel Brown.

This picture is showing two of the people supporting that backstabbing coup attempt against Donald Trump. The Republican establishment was not trying to win but to only stay the same.

They were going to run Paul Ryan for President four years from now thinking that you and I are still blind to their dirty double crossing corrupted politics against the American people meaning you and me.

The coup failed because of the splendid performance by Donald Trump in that Town Hall debate with Hillary Clinton. So Donald Trump supported John McCane even though John McCain also had a foul mouth from time to time. But on the other hand, John McCain withdrew his support because of Donald Trump foul mouth.

Do you think that something is very wrong with the people like John McCain running the American people US Government or what?
McCain is turning his back on Trump after the GOP nominee supported him during the primary...

Turncoat John "McRINO" McCain now says he might write in Lindsey Graham after Trump supported him in his primary election.

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