Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The media believes that they are correct.

Thomas Williams

The media believes that they are correct beyond the shadow of a drought and that we are just ignorant. Because the Washington DC establishment is an autocracy that truly fears us by thinking that we are the little people that will only upset their social positions in their cosy insulated protected world of power. 

The 1789 French autocracy though the very same thing about the everyday working people living in France at that time. 

Frankly, I don't know how well Donald Trump will be as President of the United States but I do feel that he will not be worse than these guys living in this US Government Monopoly money illusion as the rest of the population in America keep suffering a higher priced harsher lifestyle.

This country needs a dose of political reality that the Washington DC Country Club doesn't want any part of because they don't want their converted protected world of power and privilege that they live now upset. 

I don't know how much Donald Trump would upset their DC Country Club world of advantages but I do think that he will change the people who will be running the White House.

The Media is campaigning in a coordinated effort for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump because they are not afraid of going to jail. But they are fearful of having their political insanity exposed as the total preposterous social policies that don't work in real life'

They think that the American autocracy is right and we are wrong just like all of the other social autocracies down through history. So it is really time for a healthy change in this country's politic that has led us all to the sad and dangerous way of running the American people US Government.
The coordinated effort of the Washington DC establishment member and media is in full swing now. Criticizing Donald Trump every day no matter what Donald Trump says and does until Election Day on November 8th, 2016.
The fail-safe political success script of the DC Country Club was written long before now when and where the two political parties decided to run another Bush vs Clinton in 2016, to become the 45 President of the United States.
The Democrats pushed Hillary Clinton into becoming one the two nominees well enough but alas the Republicans were shocked with the sudden popularly of Donald Trump who keeps upsetting the best-made plans of mice and men in the Republican Party.
So is it really a surprise to us in how the DC Country Club and media are so one-sided critiquing Donald Trump Presidential candidacy over television now and until Election Day.
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