Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thomas Williams October 16, 2015 · "Assimilating,"

"Assimilating," is just another front word for progressive politics here in America, whether you like it or not.
The American people are getting sold out and abused by the media to become the members of the white conservative minority party, just as soon as the media can make that happen.
So as the people coming into America by illegal means with the help of President Barack Obama are not "assimilating” into the United States of America at all we really do have serious problems between us. The illegal immigrants are the real people that are a part of a liberal DC cartel that is being promised over television all of the US Government free stuff. From the liberal America Government officials in today 2015 United States, and the future is now for you and me.
The combined numbers of the American black people and the numbers of the constant flowing Spanish Mexican people are the liberal progressive voting block voting 80-90 % for the liberal Democratic Party's free Government stuff politics. Just to keep the liberal progressive people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, others, who are supported and made up from the Ivy League, media, DC establishment, to stay in the driver’s seat running the wealth and power of America. And not you and I who are getting controlled by absolute power corrupting absolutely.
So the white conservative vote in America is becomes null and void and helpless to changing politically what the liberal progressive American people is creating now by hook or crook in the three branches of our US Government. And of course we the American people are getting politically bullied by the liberal progressive politics that the media loves to broadcast so much to us on our TV sets into our living rooms morning, noon, and night.
And the question inside my mind “does the American people really want to know the truth?” becomes unanswered to me because of what I keep hearing and seeing about this country’s politics today. And if I'm lying, I'm dying.
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