Monday, October 17, 2016

Watch DJT Live From Charlotte, NC!

Watch DJT Live From Charlotte, NC!








Thomas Williams

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Prem Bahadur Limbu
Prem Bahadur Limbu · 0:00 This is my most humble and sincere appeal to all the Nation of America if you all like to perceive the potential of America country in future than kindly do not forget to vote to Mr.Donald J .Trump on 8th.November 2016 in final. This last opportunity ...See More
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Greg Henley
Greg Henley · 13:20 Deplorable from California checking in everyone wear red on the election day
Mark White
Mark White · 16:51 Democrats are the most destructive force in America today
Cody Breunig
Cody Breunig · 13:28 Hillary Clinton touched me inappropriately when I was a little boy. You've never heard me say this before & I never went to the police. I've decided to just come out with this now, less than 30 days until the election.
Ryan Christopher Coughran
Ryan Christopher Coughran · 13:20 Deplorable Lives Matter! In every color! Red, White, and Blue! 🇺🇸
Sandra Williams-Sterling
Sandra Williams-Sterling · 15:54 I can't afford any more taxes! Struggling to keep my business open and people employed😧
Mike Page
Mike Page · 16:23 Donald you got this. A sincere apology to all the great women who's vote you need!!!!! Do it Wednesday and then stick to the facts and bury the She-Devil!!!
Doug Richards
Doug Richards · 15:39 MN red neck deplorable. She is winning the sheeple, you cant let her win. My grandkids are depending on you.
Tony Cook
Tony Cook · 13:55 Sharia Law is an integral part of the Islamic faith. Islam is not a religion but an ideology complete with its own legal code and way of life. There is no freedom intertwined in that ideology.


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