Wednesday, November 23, 2016

God give the races a rest CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS. because we don't believe your lies anymore anyway.

Thomas Williams

Well, frankly this media gossip over television about President-Elect Donald Trump being a white Nationals in a racial sense is getting very old and has only become a one note broadcast about Race, Black Lives Matters, KKK, NAACP, etc.

And that discussion over TV about race in America is constantly repeating the same arguments that we have heard so many times before, that the racial discussion on TV is simply wearing very thin on me.

That most of the television audience like me is not following along with the TV personalities talking about the color of our skin word for word anymore. Because that TV racist talk is nothing more than television gossip now. 

Gossip, gossip, gossip.

Racism on television has turned into the gossip I don't want to hear about because I have listened to too much of that before. And I am not laughing at the racist jokes, or becoming morally responsible for the serious feeling disgusted, or being entertained on TV about talking about race in any other way otherwise.

God give the races a rest.

The truism about gossip that my father told me about years before has become very true in my life now too. "That the people listening to gossip can become just bad as the people telling it."

To recognize gossip for what it is and go about your business working and enjoying your life when we can, so I'll be damn. That is exactly what I am doing about all of that TV talk about race now. 

Who cares what the television says about Presiden-Elect Donald Trump and race now, because I don't.


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