Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'll Remember You.


I keep remember you walking up to me on that bright summer day wanting to talk about your trouble that you were having, and how in the world would be the best way of handling that.

I listened and said that time was on your side and to be true to yourself and not play into the hands that were trying to harm you further.

That I was not going anywhere and was very flattered to be with you and I would also alway be there for you when you needed me after you finished taking care of what you had to do.

Your facial features and personality seem to be so alive in my memory, forever young and beautiful just like you were back then.

We touched each other with all the love that we shared as I can hardly believe that you became sick and died after all those years togeather.

Happy Thanksgiving Sue I keep remembering you all the time.


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