Sunday, November 20, 2016

LSU made awful look more awful.

Florida-LSU Highlights
Thomas Williams ·
I cannot quite understand why were the LSU Football players wearing shoulder pads in the Florida football game because they never used them the whole game long. LSU football team played an awful game against Florida, simply awful, awful, awful. And of course, LSU should go out and hire the best Head College Football Coach that they can start in 2017
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Jason Kase ·
Reap what you sow boys. They were never scared of you. They came you your house and took what they wanted, despite your players, fans, and pathetic AD.
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Joe Wray ·
this stink is getting to be a terrible habbit. just play good enough to...lose. This team being unable to finish at 'home' is not acceptable. o will go.
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Marc Frischhertz
He better not get the job. Horrible ply calls at the goal line. Why exactly doesn't LSU run in the I formation? Inside toss at the goal line? Really?
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Mark Floyd ·
I'm not certain that there is a coach who can deal with this team and its inconsistency. I'm shocked that this team played this awful today with so much on the line. There is too much talent on this team for us to play this way. Very frustrating!
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Marcus Watson ·
LSU trashed Florida after the hurricane debacle and all but called them cowards. So Florida came into our house and kicked our sorry ass. In my opinion, we deserved it. Clearly Florida had nothing to be afraid of. If you're going to talk trash, you better be able to back it up.
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Stopped cold: Florida beats error-prone LSU 16-10 with goal-line stand

J.D. Moore heard the roar.

Did his LSU Tigers just win on the final play of the game on fourth-and-goal? Did running back Derrius Guice really just barrel into the end zone from a yard out to beat Florida?
The Tigers' starting fullback raised his head to see a blue-and-orange — not purple-and-gold — celebration.
“I really just dove in there and looked up, and all of the Florida fans were going nuts,” Moore said. “That’s when I knew.”
It came down to this — 3 feet for a win — and LSU fumbled it away, a fitting end to a 16-10 loss to the Gators on a windswept, chilly Saturday afternoon at Tiger Stadium.

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