Friday, November 11, 2016

No one else's fault but his own, because it is the American people who are saving America.

Thomas Williams

Hi, ladies and gentlemen I also notice how President Barack Obama is conducting a congenital transfer of power that makes me feel better about the man Barack Obama.
Because he must be having a lot of hard feeling realizing that all of what he has done as President for the past 8 years will, in reality, become undone by Donald Trump with the swipe of a Presidential pen.
That Barack Obama the man seem to understand in his heart that he went about doing what he did in the wrong way. That must be very hard to come to grips with because of the enormity of Barack Obama opportunity to bring this country's population together that slipped through his fingers because of the way he governed this country's US Government the past 8 years.
He made a mistake in the way that he wanted to bring a more progressive agenda into this country body politic. He shouldn't have gone off like a manumatic and just only kept using the democratic party members pushing what he wanted to be done in congress.
He started living by the sword of his presidential orders pen going around the other three branches of this country's government and is now dying by that same sword held in the hand of another President.
Barack Obama hurt his own Democratic Party, Presidential opportunity, and his country society instead of helping because of his own choices, and no one else fault but his own.
P.S. Don't send your children to these fanatic Ivy League University.


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