Sunday, May 21, 2017

What about LSU chronic quarterback problem?


What does this Ed Orgeron coached 2017 LSU Tiger Football team have that the 2016 LSU football Team never had. That will become the difference and allows LSU to win more college football game this next time around?

Danny Etling was not good enough to make the vital first downs or touchdowns to defeat Wisconsin, Auburn, Alabama, and Florida, in 2016.

So what will another year do to make up for that lack of QB talent LSU will need to improve at that important Quarterback position in 2017?

So even if LSU improves the rest of the eleven LSU man roster in 2017 what about LSU chronic quarterback problem?
Las Vegas knows SEC football means plenty of money wagered, so it's never too early for the Vegas oddsmakers to start releasing odds for official over/under bets…

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