Friday, June 23, 2017

Changing the evil spell from bad to good.


We are all looking for a savior to chase away the evil spells that have captured so many innocent people souls before us over the years.

It is so self-evident about our humankind civilized society that because of our own heritage and history that evil rest inside us. That was passed on down through the generations of people before us.

How else could Adolf Hitler be chosen to rule Germany, or Joseph Stalin to rule Russia, Mao Zedong, or Mao se-tung to rule China. Or any of the other evil cast of characters over the centuries that created so much pain, suffering, and death for so many other people in their time.

It was because of their own damn fault from not understanding to let the evil in other people go. We are all raised by a culture of good and evil in the history of good and evil that has advanced into our present life that we are now living with too.

Studying evil and behaving, in the same way, is how evil from old still live's among us in our own society today.

Our evil baggage of our own making is packed up within our own minds and feeling that is carried by us to travel everywhere we go. So let go of all the evil that we learned about to live free again.

Not enough people have let evil go. So we are all still tormented from the evil around us today by the people who keep creating words like hypocrisy. That is synonyms with dissimulation, false virtue, empty talk, insincerity, dishonesty among others.

So if we really want to be a good person walking step for step feeling good and treating other people the same way. You can take control of your own feeling in becoming the good person that you want to be, don't you?

ModernCivilization in 2017- 
This is priceless!
 Our Phones - Wireless
 Cooking - Fireless
 Cars - Keyless
 Food - Fatless
 Tires -Tubeless
 Dress - Sleeveless
 Youth -  Jobless
 Leaders - Shameless
 Relationships - Meaningless
 Attitudes - Careless
 Babies - Fatherless
 Feelings -  Heartless
 Education - Valueless
 Children – Mannerless
Government-is CLUELESS,
And our Politicians-are WORTHLESS!
  I'm  scared - S**tless!

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