Saturday, June 17, 2017

Get Trump!

President Donal Trump

The Washington DC establishment Deep State hast to get Trump, ladies, and gentleman because that's the key for them to break into the clear.

Vice President Pence or the rest of the Republic Party just keeps letting all of this happen. So no one else will go after the Deep State like President Trump will.

Get Trump! Will remain the war cry of the Deep State until one of them goes away. Just as long as Donald Trump remains the 45th, President of the United States.
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"Right around the time Donald Trump was boarding Air Force One in route to Saudi Arabia, soon to escape a capital city obsessed with investigations into his campaign’s ties with Russia and the firing of FBI Director James Comey, his vice president was receiving a booming ovation inside a fifth-floor Ritz-Carlton ballroom in the nearby Virginia suburbs. It was the afternoon of May 19, and Mike Pence stood before several hundred members of the Council for National Policy—a secretive group of conservative movement activists, donors, and intellectuals that meet under off-the-record rules—and downplayed the perception of a presidency in crisis. “The truth is, you elected a man who never quits. He never backs down. He’s a fighter. He’s a winner,” Pence said, according to an audio recording obtained by Politico Magazine. “And I’ll make you a promise: No matter what Washington, D.C., might be focused on at any given moment, President Donald Trump will never stop fighting for the American people and for advancing an agenda that will make America great again!”


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