Monday, June 5, 2017

"Known to authority"


If the police know the people who want to kill us just as soon as the killers have everything ready to do that, why doesn't the police go arrest them putting the known killer out of circulation?

The Islamist people who want to kill us, White people of a Christian religion, that who offended their God's sensibilities centuries ago. And that is reason enough for these very over zealot Muslims to devote themselves to want to die to kill us.

Why are the known terrorist who are still living in my neighborhood going to a Mosque, not in jail or deported?

So now when we see a terrorist attack and those terrorists are always Islamic Muslim, and the reason they want to kill us is that we an infidel who offended their God. Why is this an insurmountable problem preventing the police from arresting these killers from hurting you and me?

President Donald Trump is right, go and get these people out of our American citizen's neighborhoods. Cleaning up this country US Government political corruption and making America great again.

I like Donald Trump and all you people who want to make America great again who keep fighting these Ivy League bull talking crumbs. Who is trying to make a fool out of my God, countrymen, and country? In that way, I have become an indignant mad proud white American Christian and the opposite side of the oddball Islamic Muslims who would like to crush me out of sight and mind too.

So I am not going to die that easy and will fight back instead and of course, that is what this terrorist war is all about isn't it.
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"The jihadi in an Arsenal shirt was ‘euphoric’ and asking about how to hire a van just hours before the London Bridge atrocity, it was claimed last night.

He could not contain his excitement during a conversation with a neighbor on Saturday afternoon. The neighbor said he wandered over and asked about his van and how much it would cost to hire one.

Hours later, the father of two, who had worked at KFC and for the Transport for London which is responsible for the Tube and buses in the capital, went on a bloody rampage with two twisted extremists which left seven people dead and scores more injured. The three terrorists were shot dead by police.
Iketina Chigbo, who lives in the block of flats raided in Barking, said he saw the Arsenal-supporting jihadi just a few hours before the terror attack.

He said: ‘It was around 3 pm and I was in the process of moving so was loading stuff into a van. He came over and seemed quite excitable. He was wearing his Arsenal shirt and was asking about the van.

‘He was asking where I got the van from and how much it cost. He said he was planning to move too and that’s why he wanted to know – I didn’t think anything of it.

‘He was on another level of happiness and kept shaking my hand. He seemed almost euphoric.

‘But then I saw the picture from the scene of the attack of the guy on the floor – he was wearing the same kind of colour top and I just couldn’t believe it. I knew it was him, I recognized him.’"

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