Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hurting out populations politics instead of helping.


John McCain political niche has always been within the Washington DC establishment liberal minded media, and people on the other side of the aisle. And I kept wondering why does the people in the Republican Party living in Arizona keep electing McCain to represent them in the US Senate.

When in fact John McCain never does represent the conservative people living in Arizona?

That John McCain simply remains the Navy playboy pilot who has never lived up to his Father person and yet somehow keeps enjoying a hero's welcome because he was a captive prison for years when his jet was shot down in the Vietnam War.

Year after year John McCain has in carnal knowledge been playing up to his liberal media niche as a US Senator going on "Meet The Press" working hand and glove with guys like Soros and the liberal politicians and media.

Everyone is very tired of seeing John McCain keep winking like he does in political agreement against people like you and me. Hurting out populations politics instead of helping.

So knowing that why would the politically conservative population living in Arizona keep voting for John McCain as their US Senator?
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