Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Washington DC establishment have everything to lose fighting against President Trump who is not one of them.

The Washington DC Swamp people are not going down without a dirty fight.
George W. Bush is a member in good standing of the Washington DC establishment Swamp Club so that TV Show with Bill Clinton is no surprise to me either.
Barack Obama had one of the most corrupted Administrations to ever be in this country's White House, and the News Media knew it.
Too many of these Republican Senators were out right lying to the American people who voted for them to repeal Obamacare. Everything else that they say now is simply bull talk from the same TV Show for appearance sake.
That the Senators who don't repeal Obama care like controlling the American people by placing healthcare, education, etc. in the hands of this US Government running just the way it is.
The proof is in the pudding that they keep making.
"I mean, there’s collusion everywhere...There’s collusion between CNN and the DCCC and The Washington Post..."
The Democrats colluded with Russia from the back rooms with Ted Kennedy. And Charles Krauthammer likes colluding with the Washington DC establishment membership because a lot of Republicans want to really be Democrats.
And Charles has always known who butters his TV celebrity bread, right.
Hypocrisy R/us on K street and in the mainstream media because they like the way the Deep State is running the American people US Government, just the way it is.
So all the above really wants President Trump out of their easy picking tax payers Town, and we the American people are truly sick of them.

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