Monday, July 3, 2017

Yes. They hate you for just acting and thinking normally.

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump makes a humorous Video about President Trump wrestling a CNN name brand imposed on Vince McMahon person. That the mainstream media Washington DC establishment Deep State like-minded members are having a social nervous breakdown over.

Let's see someone please tell me about the political argument by the liberal press about how morally responsible we the American people are in Race, and Social equally between the sexes once again?

Because the only social normality of law and fair play seems to be coming from President Donald Trump and his supporters, so help me God.

Somehow I don't feel morally responsible for black people slavery before I was born, homosexuality or liberal indoctrination political causes - that our country's universities are now calling educational just because of the Washington DC establishment Deep State members political feeling.

Now, these liberals are protesting made up fears about you and me that no one is really guilty of, except in the minds of this same mainstream liberal media.

No, it is very clear why the liberal members of today's Deep State hate you and me. The liberal people in Hollywood, Media, and the Washington DC establishment hate you because you are simply acting and thinking normally.

And that the media is not covering other President Trump Tweets tells me everything about the anti-Trump media:
America's men & women in uniform is the story of FREEDOM overcoming OPPRESSION, the STRONG protecting the WEAK, & GOOD defeating EVIL! USA🇺🇸

OMG! Oregon Democrats pass a bill giving FREE ABORTIONS for ALL, Illegal Aliens Included! This cannot go UNSEEN!


Reporters Committee condemns President Trump's statement of violence against the press

Press Release 


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