Saturday, June 25, 2016

If the bad go to Hell, and the good go to Heaven. Where does all the stupid people go?

Poll Question: All the World events seem to be in Trump's clear favour | Do you agree?

Kurt Blanchard
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Roberta Piltz
Roberta Piltz: God has used various people as his warriors. I think Trump may be one.
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Earle Munns
Earle Munns: America needs a righteous warrior to make us great
Dorothea Dankowski
Dorothea Dankowski: We need Trump so we can make America great again.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: The disconnect between the elitist running the world Governments and the rest of the people has exposed a striking parallel all over the world.

Because all of the elitist social experiment like the EU are failing and the people can't make them work no matter how hard they try. So of course it is the people that makes everything work even if the ideas are foolish. Now that these very expensive elitist social failures are getting exposed these days. I am suggesting that the elitist better get their common sense together very soon. Before they fall off the face of the earth just because they are in fact stupid.

And by the way where does all these stupid elitist people go after they fail so bad like that?

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