Saturday, June 25, 2016

Something is terribly wrong

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Pamla Berry
Pamla Berry: HE IS A TRAITOR!!!!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: It is going to be very bad in what we find out about what the elitist did running our country’s Governments.

Why are the Clinton's so rich now? The Clinton's never did what Donald Trump did taken his Father loan and making that loan into a greater wealth by building all over the World. No! The Clinton's learned that they could get rich my just getting elected into Government office. And skirting on the edge of the law so they do not go to jail getting rich like Trump without half the labor.

Now their problem is that the Clinton's can't control the information you and I tell each other. So the Clinton's control the media instead and get these erudite people sitting in their Ivy towers of gleaming City offices building spurting their platitudes about how you and me live. But they live in such a protected world that they don't know a problem from axle grease off my car, but they are going to tell us how to resolve problems. So what about what happen in 2008 collapse, they said they would solve that too. The elitist broke it but did not fix it.

So it is now going to be very bad whatever happens next. And this Nationalist political wave movement is a repudiation of these elitist all over the world. Because more and more people are not listening to them anymore and the lap dog media is rowing around us without a paddle.

What are the elitist going to do next create (money control) by taking our money away from us. Passing laws that you will only be able to earn money by cow towering to them the elitist, and that is of course Government tyranny. And the elitist will start arresting us if we don't agree with them.

We are going to be unfit to earn money in their society that they want, so unless we cower to them we will not be unable to work.

Someone is always getting rich besides us from all these bad deals that the elitist keep making. Cameron, Obama, Clinton's, are all rich now so what about you and me doing all of the labor making the elitist social idea’s work. Or in the EU cast, not working.

Donald Trump is not the demons from Hell but in fact it was the people running the Instructions of the US Government all along who have a vested interest in keeping that corruption Government ball rolling.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that has made any sense by saying something is wrong. Because he is living in the upper echelon of business, and keep seeing that something is terribly wrong.

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