Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stop the madness now.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, October 29, 1923

Ataturk revolutionized Turkish society after the end of World War I and was the person who pushed back on all that Islamic holy bull talk, and the way that perverted holy Muslim life style making Turkey a more normal secular society instead. Seeing these mindless holy terrorist fanatics blow themselves up on Ramadan Holy Week, by killing and hurting innocent none believer only hurt my feeling.

Because they are striking at you and me until we stop these perverted Islamic terrorist creeps. We are going to either kill these Islamic Terrorist, or keep getting hurt by them. Because they will not stop trying to justify their perverted way of life. 

Normal feeling are a threat to them and they are always going to be horribly backwards in their point of view. By acting confrontational and emotional walking around in their pious garment like burkas, preaching against the infidels in these backward Muslim Mosque.

Ataturk went after those crazy Muslim fools, by stopping all of that backward preaching out of those Mosque. And making Turkey a secular place to live just like London, New York, Moscow, or Rome Italy.

But this guy Barack Obama will not even call these terrorize Islamic extremist, because he is some kind of flower child who wants to kiss and hug our way into these terrorists heart. And what the terrorists are doing is because of the sins of the Western Hemisphere, and not because of the nature of their extremist Muslims religious faith.

God! We are getting hurt and killed because of a dizzy thing that was said and done by a college professor in the halls of Ivy told to a gullible guy called Barack Obama, who is now hurting the American people in today’s social reality.

Hillary Clinton is following Obama because she is guilty of becoming political corrupted, and the man she is following can snitch on her to the world. Who is himself lost in trying to make a Columbia liberal professors liberal ideology come true trying to justify it by always saying the sins of the world is American fault, when that is simply wrong and now true at all.

How did we all get in a crazy place like this, with them?

“We were in a pool of blood," an eyewitness said.

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