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Sunday, June 29, 2014
Barack Obama is an angry stupid person


I now realize like you did over the past five years that Barack Obama is an angry stupid man. Who has been way over his head and trying not to be a unifying force for the people in the United States? Never has this country population been as divided as they are now.

Maybe as far back as the American civil war I guess?

We are now living with this President steady Drum beat of Barack Obama angry words. Blaming everyone and any past social historical mistake on what is wrong with the United States system of U.S. Government now today. Instead of taking the responsibility of the job in the Oval Office trying to do better.

No he is making everything worse because just his speeches keep reinforces the deep anger that he expressed each and every chance he get. And of course that state of emotional fury toward the American population living in the United States now. Just became a very stupid effort of Barack Obama to redress our country's pass history in the real time that we all are living in now.

Redressing a historical moments that is good, or bad, frozen in historical eternity is truly a very unintelligent way of spending his time as President of the Unites States.

I only hope that my countrymen now can survive unharmed the last two years of Barack Obama temper tantrum in office, and finally get free of this very ugly social feeling that he keep spreading.
I try very hard to simply get over my own race when I am around and about in my daily life. So I hope that one day Barack Obama might finally get over his own racial color and bad history also one day. And stop spreading the social hatred the way that he has been doing lately?

I am not sympathetic to an anger stupid man because any moron can do us that. On the other hand it take people with real substance to do what is right. So we can have a Nation of people doing a good job running our U.S. Government fairly, and according to the Law.

People bending or fixing the U.S. system of Government unfairly and breaking the laws have only been hurting innocent people by using them. Just because this Barack Obama White house are too lazy to go do the hard work that it really take to get our U.S. Government working right, according to the law. It is easier for the running dog politicians to cheat the U.S. System of Government and to fix the game so they can keep getting reelected like they have been doing. Getting our great country population into the dangerous terrible trouble that we are in today.

Barack Obama ether need a doctor or policeman in his present state of mind today, if I was his friend I would tell him to simply get over his racial bad feeling, once and for all?

Because those bad racial moments he keeps talking about happened a very long time ago. And if the same ugly racist moment happens again now he can simply take care of yourself and go about your business. You are the President of the United States. So knock that kid stuff off and go help the American people to get along better, and get this sleeping giant economy of the American people going in the same direction again?

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Seemingly unfazed by the threat of a lawsuit, President Obama on Saturday vowed to press on and use executive actions wherever and whenever possible.|By Ben Wolfgang

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