Saturday, June 25, 2016

Why are the elitist fast to call us racist so oftent?

Russell Hughes to Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump
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Franklin Graham said Tuesday that Donald Trump is a better choice for president than Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton.
Anna Sunwoo
Anna Sunwoo: he sure got that right,,.
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Robin Ann
Robin Ann: Praise God! for bringing us a leader in Trump!
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Sharon Roberts Zemenauskas
Sharon Roberts Zemenauskas: Its about time!!!
Chuck Martin
Chuck Martin: Graham is correct.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: It looks as though they are calling the entire world racist over the population having a nationalistic pride in their own country's heritage traditions and life style. Because Britain voted to leave the EU. And frankly I am now very tired of these people who keep calling us racist.

So I might just go ahead and kick the next SOB who is fast to call me that, right in the groin.

Their education has made them arrogant instead of humble. And they think they have some moral progressive insights when in fact they are luring everyone into oblivion. So leave me the Hell alone.

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