Thursday, July 14, 2016

Actress Deanna Meske II is saying many faces have I.

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Playing with some new emotions for headshots. I have a few more but I missed the shadow my hair cast onto my face so I may have to reshoot :)

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Fizakhan Khan
Fizakhan Khan: Nice dear
Alfred Cox
Alfred Cox: most excellent... I'll be your Cinematographer or Director one day.
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Carmine Caradonna
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: You are improving your acting craft with each passing day. and I am impressed because I can also feel the way you are into your character, making me forget you. And that is excellent.

You feel your character and then so do we, great job. I would like to see you act in a very well directed Movie sometime soon, because I'm starting to wonder just how good you might be on the big screen.

Two Faces Have I


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