Thursday, July 14, 2016

All the Americana Patriots then and now, except for some people.

Thomas Williams

Patriots from 2016 visiting the founding fathers from 1776 becoming the first true American Patriots. And how they lived back then compared to how we are living now. Making these picture all that more important to me, and very amazing also.

I can almost see the prideful spirit of our country US Government created for and by the people who were much like us living through the years, like a fast moving movie picture Show. And can we the people make the United States of America even better today for our children tomorrow? 

Thomas Williams: Except countrymen like George Clooney is nothing but another sellout unable to have the chest bravely taken up for our forefathers "for and by the peoples" spirit. And if you really want to walk in freedom you do-not break this country's laws. And Pandering to people because of their skin color is truly racist. Breaking the laws is never OK.

Clooney Karma: Muslim migrant camp springs up near actor George Clooney’s $10 million European hideaway

ByPamela Geller on July 13, 2016
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